VanMan's Protection Oils Hair Serum 4 oz

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VanMan's protection oils is a powerful, fragrance free hair serum

A powerful blend of pure oils: coconut, castor, almond, olive, jojoba, and the most powerful one of all... Emu oil, which is shown to strengthen and even regrow hair (apply overnight 3-4x a week)

Use a little for a boost any time, or use a lot for a deep moisturizing treatment.  This bottle is 100% oil, no fillers, will last months even with regular use!

If you have thicker hair, this will be great for styling.   Thinner hair the best use is individual treatments outlined below

*also works amazing as all over body moisturizer*


A little bit can be used and ran through with your hand to quickly erase dry damaged hair.

A larger amount can be massaged into the roots and left for 20 mins up to all the way overnight for a deeply penetrating hair treatment.

For best results whip an egg and massage into scalp to remove the oils.  let sit for 10-15 mins, then rinse out.  SILK!


Comes with a secure cap as well as a pump top

Organic Coconut Oil - A great moisturizer with natural SPF and natural antibacterial

Emu Oil - An incredibly powerful and deeply penetrating moisturizer and healer, often used on severe burns.  Amazing for your skin and hair

Organic Golden Jojoba Oil -  Long used by Native Americans, Jojoba oil is lush with minerals like copper & zinc, and vitamins E & B

Organic Castor Oil - Pioneered by the ancient Egyptians, Castor oil promotes healthy hair follicles and protects the skin from water loss

Sweet Almond Oil- Also found in our lip balm, this Almond oil is great for promoting even skin tone and healing damaged skin

Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil - Olive Oil is packed with antioxidants and Vitamins E, A, D, & K.  It is one of the very best oils to cook with, and also one of the best for your skin!

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Why Choose Vanman?

Use Head To Toe
Designed For Hair
No Fillers

Customer Reviews

Based on 145 reviews
Michael Sherman
VanMan’s Protective Hair Oil

The whole family uses and loves this hair oil. We found it has multiple uses. My husband uses it on his beard and I use it to take off my makeup and as a facial moisturizer.
Love all the VanMan products!

linda a
Great for skin and eye make-up remover

I use this for body oil for those dry skin days and eye make up remover. It works well!


I like this product a lot! I used it overnight on my hair and noticed a difference the next morning!

Daniel Ramirez
Best out there

Wow. Just wow. Every product I have bought and used has exceeded my expectations especially the hair serum. I have thick curly hair and it keeps my scalp and my hair healthy, soft and just full of life. Every other “natural” serum dries my hair and scalp causing me dandruff, but with VanMan, 3 lil squirts is all need to look and feel good. May god continue to bless this man because he’s out here blessing everybody with S tier products. You will not regret buying from VanMan


Amazing results ❤️