VanMan's Bison Tallow & Honey Balm 2oz

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After making what we believe is the best moisturizer on the planet, with our original Tallow & Honey Balm, we wanted to take it a step further and maximize every ingredient so it would be impossible for anyone to make something better. 

This truly is the greatest skincare product we could possibly make, nothing held back

We sourced the highest grade Manuka Honey we could find,  certified with over 850+ mg/kg of MGO (extremely high) - the key antibacterial property of Mānuka honey.

We swapped in the most nutrient dense tallow on earth from 100% grass fed Bison.  Bison being a relatively lean animal has some of the most nutrient dense fat available

We added Organic Royal Jelly, which is what the hive produces for Queen Bee's to eat exclusively (leading to much longer lives)

We sourced Organic Cold pressed Olive Oil from hand picked olives in Greece

All hand made in small batches 

Also available without an added scent - *No Scent Added* Bison Tallow & Honey Balm


100% Grass fed Bison Tallow

Raw Manuka Honey 850+ Mg/kg of MGO

Organic Royal Jelly

Organic Beeswax

Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil


Powerful anti aging blend of Essential Oils

Copaiba Balsam
Frankincense Serrata
Frankincense Carteri

Processes in 24-72 Hours, shipping times may vary

1. Take a small glob and gently dab small dots around the skin you'd like to use it on (anywhere works!)

2. Rub it in, make skin smooth and strong

3. There are no fillers, so you don't need much! Start small

Why Choose Vanman?

Designed For Face
Elite Ingredients
Effective Yet Edible

Customer Reviews

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Forever Customer

It took me a little bit to finally pull the trigger on the bison tallow because of the price point, but I am never going back. I replaced all my face skincare with this bison tallow and it's absolutely amazing. My skin is always moistured, dewy, and glowing. In addition to my face I use it on any skin that's angry and it's better over night. I am in the process of having a tattoo removed on my back and have been using the tallow in place of the Vaseline I was given. The tallow soothes the spot and the skin never blisters. I obsessed with this stuff and will never stop recommending VanMan products to anyone who will listen. I also use the beef tallow, tooth powders, deodorant, lip balm, and sunscreen. Amazing, holistic, and based. Nothing better.

Love This Tallow

I’ve tried bison tallow, honey tallow balm, tooth powder, magnesium deodorant and hair oil. I love them all and highly recommend. Customer service is top notch if there are any problems with your order too

marcy swartz
Give it a try you’ll not regret it

The bison cream is great, works for the whole day morning g to night and not needing to reapply. I make my own moisturizer and nothing could equal it however this cream is equal to it and better since it has a better deep effect on my dry skin

Donine Schwartz
Nice feel

Very smooth, just started using, do no results yet

Worth the upgrade!

I started with the tallow & honey balm and loved it for so many applications, including facial care. When I finally went through the jar, I upgraded to this one. I loved the whipped texture and the radiance I get from the essential oils-something I missed but is back with this bison version. I had a cracked lip (from the heat and dry air, pretty deep) that it healed within hours. I'll keep both versions on hand at all times. A little goes a long way and is super effective. Removing the concerns of inferior, processed chemicals is a huge plus too!