*New* VanMan’s Tallow & Zinc SunBlock - 2oz

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Get in, We’re taking down Big Sunscreen!  For too long sunscreen has been chemically guarding you from sunburn while simultaneously roasting chemicals on your skin and leaking into your body!

VanMan’s Tallow & Zinc Sunblock like all VanMan products uses 100% edible ingredients.  Instead of chemically changing your skin to not burn, VanMan’s sunblock uses non-nano Zinc Oxide to act as a mineral barrier.  

An SPF equivalent of about 20, water resistant, and nearly 100% absorbent (no strong white residue!)

Simply apply as any moisturizer and allow a few minutes to absorb.  Reapply after heavy activity or swimming 

Full Ingredients:

100% grass-fed Tallow

Organic Olive Oil

Organic Beeswax

Organic Shea Butter

Non Nano Zinc Oxide

Organic Cocoa Powder

Processes in 24-72 Hours, shipping times may vary

Why Choose Vanman?

Mineral Protection
Effective Yet Edible
Use Head To Toe

Customer Reviews

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Grant Geiser
Very pale Ohio man gives 2 thumbs up!

I’m of Irish/German heritage, born and raised in Ohio, and am a notorious house cat. Sooo, I am pasty white and burn easily. I jumped in feet first and used this on my 4 day FL beach trip, an lemme tell ya, IT WORKS. Didn’t get burned, and I even picked up some color!

Craig Bowerson
Love this stuff

I have been using VanMan tallow and honey lotion for about 2 years now. We bought the tallow and zinc sunblock and used it for our trip to Disney. My wife is very fair skinned and managed to not get a sun burn even after 13 hours in the sun. This is be our go to product from now on.

Life changing

This is the best sunscreen I have ever used. I can't stand chemical sunscreens

Vincent Rovtar

Was skeptical at first but was blown away. Product works and feels great on my skin and holds up to the various construction conditions i work in. No stinging sweat or slimy feel. Applies nice and smooth. Highly recommend